Main scientific research interests

Institute of Thermal and Process Engineering

Main scientific research interests

The Chair of Industrial Equipment (Z1)
Conducts basic and applied research in: process engineering, biotechnology and environmental protection - including industry application. The research aims at the identification and modeling of momentum, heat and mass transfer mechanics. We take into account the influence of distinctness of the features and technical conceptions for new industrial equipment. The practical effects are procedures for the process and the engineering calculations of new apparatuses.
The main areas of our research and development activities are:
• research and optimization of industrial equipment design,modeling of creation and separation for dispersed systems processes,
• stirring multiphase systems with a liquid as a continuous phase,
• investigation of turbulence parameters for one and multiphase systems,
• the problems of environmental protection, measurements of pollution, emission and gas cleaning, and  aerosols removal,
• mechanical destruction of foam,
• the hydrodynamic research on packing.

The Division of Fluid Mechanics (Z2)
Non-Newtonian flow of polymeric solutions through straight and curved pipes of circular and elliptic cross section. Drag reduction by polymer and surfactant additives in straight and curved pipes of circular and elliptic cross section. The designing and construction of capillary and pipe viscometer. Developing the method of the pressure drops predictions in the flow of non- Newtonian fluids through straight and curved pipes of different cross- section. Iinvestigation of flow characteristics and rheological properties of non- Newtonian fluids. The applicationof inverse coefficient problem in heat transfer and fluid flow. The turbulent heat, mass and momentum transfer. Measurements of heat and flow quantities such as: flow rate, heat transfer coefficient, soecific heat, etc. Experimental and theoretical solutions of flow structures in the cross flow fans. Flow visualization method used in fluid mechanics. Application of numerical methods to identify flow phenomena and to predict cross flow fan performance curves. Investigations of fan heat exchanger made of plastics. Selected issues of wind power engineering - numerical and experimental analysis of a blade wind turbine with vertical axis.

The Thermodynamics and Thermal Machines Measurements (Z3)
Volumetric compressors investigation and simulation.
Analysis and technological design of sorption systems LiBr-H2O.
Pressure pulsations analysis in the volumetric compressor manifolds.
Measurements of thermodynamic parameters: pressure, temperature, flow, including pressure pulsations.
Design and construction of juice concentrate thin layer evaporators.
Thermal auditing of buildings and industrial processes.
Investigation and optimization of small and medium size boilers.
Investigation and energy analysis of thermal machines.
CFD simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer processes.

The Division of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (Z4):
Balancing of cold chambers and cold rooms,
Design of refrigeration systems for cold chambers with separate cooling units,
Design of heat exchangers for non-standard application with optimized construction,
Technical review and analyses of existing cooling systems,
Laboratory testing of cooling coils, forced air heaters and freon compressors,
Inventory of all types of cooling systems/objects.
Application of ice slurry for refrigeration purposes.Cooling systems - calculations & analyses,
Air conditioning equipment design,
Selection of unitary and central equipment,
Measurements of air temperature, humidity and flow rate in distribution systems and rooms.Design of all-purpose ventilation systems for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.Design of heating systems utilizing water source heat pumps for residential, sports and industrial complexes.Design of solar systems for heating and domestic hot water applications.

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