Fluid Mechanics

Faculty Mechanical Engineering
Course title: Fluid Mechanics
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06.1 Lectures (15h), classes (30h), laboratory (15h) 60 5
Course description
Macroscopic properties of fluids. Kinematics of fluid motion. Eulerian and Lagrangian flow descriptions. Volume and mass rate of flow. The continuity equation. Surface and volume forces. Momentum theorem. Stress and rates of deformation. Constitutive relations. Equations for Newtonian fluids. The Navier – Stokes equations. Solutions to the steady – state Navier – Stokes equations. The Poiseuille and Couette flows. Inviscid flows. Bernoulli’s equation. Application of Bernoulli’s equation. Viscous flow in pipes. The boundary layer approximation. The boundary layer equations. Turbulent flows and its modeling. Turbulence models. Flow measurements. Instruments and procedures for measurement of flow rate.
Laboratory folder cover PDF Text
Lab 2 - Measurements of the fluid viscosity PDF Text
Lab 3 - Identification of rheological characteristics of liquid pdf icon
Lab 6 - Fluid outflow through the small orifice PDF Text
Lab 8 - Classic Reynolds Experiment PDF Text
Lab 9 - Measurement of local and avarage value of fluid velocity in straight circular pipes PDF Text
Lab 11 - Measurement of pressure losses caused by viscosity PDF Text
Lab 12 - The pressure losses caused by the local obstacle PDF Text
Lab 16 - Flow measurements PDF Text
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  3. Nakayama, Y.; Boucher, R.F., Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 2000 Elsevier.
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D.Sc. Eng. Stanisław WALCZAK, D.Sc. Eng. Bartosz KOPICZAK

Institute Institute of Thermal and Process Engineering (M-5)